1. I literally got so emotional in the end. I felt like my dad explained me the rules of gentlemen's life. How to act in life, how to be an entrepreneur and good man. The dad I never had.
    Aaron.. Thank you so much for that.
    It means a lot

  2. Thank u. I needed these words you have no clue. I'm on my third business. I'm puttin money into it I don't have. it's not goin anywhere. wife in my ear about money. sometimes I want to just say screw it all. BUT just listenin to you I came up with a few ideas that may work. Thank u.

  3. make tiege hanley customizable and us able to order individual products. if someone wants just a wash but have a lot of the rest, why make them buy the entire system?

  4. I never knew that Alpha's website iamAlpham was once a paid members only website. If i had found that website back when Alpha first started, i would have paid as i enjoy Alpha's content. He has come along ways from his early Youtube days and he deserves the success that he has worked hard for over the years.


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