1. Is it worth paying 2% Shopify, then 3% Paypal Express Checkout + 30c fees for each transaction? Or there's a better way to do it? Great as it is, Paypal may generate some problems, especially when someone wants a refund and opens a dispute. Too many of that and you're kinda screwed.
    I'm starting with the Hatchett method this evening, I already set Shopify, started to add some content, some extra pages (TOS, contact etc). I need some help, please.

  2. need more detail/info or if you could possibly tell me what course you are enrolled in that may help. I'm a complete newbie to this so I'm not sure if I want to just give it a go without really knowing how to do things.

  3. Hey Franklin, thanks for sharing this great video. I know you're a fellow kiwi, so I'm wondering what option you use for payment processing? Do you just use Paypal (to handle both PP and credit card payments) or have you tried to set up any other payment gateway. I looked at Stripe, as their transaction fees are reasonable, but they don't support NZ.


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